Facebook sets up a new website to circumvent app store fees

Apple and Google charge relatively high commission fees for using their billing systems — which both indie developers and major corporations have criticized. Meta‘s latest move to circumvent these fees is launching a website dedicated to selling Facebook Stars. Stars are virtual points users can buy during Facebook video livestreams to support their favorite creators. When a user tips with Stars, the creator can offer them a perk in return, such as a shoutout. Until now, tippers could only buy these virtual items from the Facebook app on iOS and Android.
As TechCrunch reports, Facebook has announced that its launching a Stars store website. This website features Star bundles for the same prices listed on the mobile app. However, users buying through the website will receive bonus Stars for using Facebook Pay. So, for example, $0.99 can buy you 45 Stars on the Facebook app. The website mentions that this bundle includes 30 extra Stars when buying it from the company’s new store. So f…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/facebook-sets-up-website-to-circumvent-app-store-fees/

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