Google Fit now allows you to measure your heart rate using your iPhone’s camera

Earlier this year, Google introduced the ability to measure your respiratory and heart rates on some Android phones. The feature allows users to take advantage of their phone cameras to make the measurements — without needing a smartwatch. These very welcome additions have finally made it to the Google Fit app on iOS. iPhone users can now measure their respiratory and heart rates without needing an Apple Watch.

As per a 9to5Google report, Google has rolled out these new features to iPhone users. On the main Home tab of the Fit app, you will find two new buttons to initiate either of the processes. The company warns you, though, that you shouldn’t use these readings for medical purposes. If you believe you might have a heart condition, you must consult a medical doctor immediately.
To measure your heart rate, the app prompts you to place your finger on the rear camera of your iPhone and apply some pressure. You must sit in a well-lit area for more accurate readings. Alternatively, y…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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