Google is working on a new augmented reality device

Google was early to the augmented reality industry, but hasn’t had much of a presence there in recent years. The heads-up display Google Glass was released in 2013 as a prototype, but never became a widespread consumer product — instead, it’s now sold to exclusively to businesses for workplace use. Now it seems Google is working on a new AR product.
Mark Lucovsky previously worked at Oculus (owned by Meta, formerly Facebook) for over four years as a General Manager for Operating Systems, and he revealed on LinkedIn (via Ars Technica) that his new role is leading Google’s Operating System team for AR. He also posted a comment explaining the group’s goal:
100% correct that the OS is just one piece of the puzzle. My broader group is ultimately responsible for delivering compelling end-user value and a lot of that is a function of the experiences that are delivered on top of the OS.

There are also 14 job openings at Google right now for an ‘Augmented Reality OS’ (via 9to5Google) includ…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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