Google makes checking for Play Store updates more obvious

You can check for Play Store updates by jumping into the Play Store settings, heading to the About section, and then tapping on the version number. While this process sounds quite straightforward, it isn’t so for the average user, as the About section doesn’t explicitly state that tapping the version number will trigger a check for updates. You just have to somehow know that such an option exists. Thankfully, Google is making things a bit more obvious for the average user with a dedicated button.
According to 9to5Google, Google has started pushing a new server-side update for the Google Play Store that adds two new buttons, labeled Update Play Store and Learn more, to the About section. These buttons appear right underneath the Play Store version, making things much more obvious for the average user. Tapping on the Update Play Store button either downloads and installs an update or brings up a pop-up saying, “Google Play Store is up to date.” The Learn more button redirects to this …

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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