Google Maps testing new “Dock to bottom” button on desktop

Google Maps is one of the best mapping services around, with an ever-growing array of features to make going from Point A to Point B easier. However, comparing data between different locations and businesses in Google Maps can be difficult, as the desktop site and mobile apps only have one information panel (on the left side). Thankfully, it looks like Google is testing a new feature that will make switching between listings a bit faster.
Google Maps is currently testing a new “Dock to bottom” button, which moves whatever location or business you have selected to a new dock at the bottom of the screen (via Search Engine Roundtable). Much like the Dock on macOS, or the Taskbar on Windows, you can scroll through all docked items and click on one to open it. There’s also a close button on each dock item, and when everything is closed, the dock is hidden.

Dock to bottom feature (Credit: Search Engine Roundtable)

It’s not clear yet if the button will arrive on smartphones or tablets at…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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