Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Insane Cameras vs Foldable Magic

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series has several worthy challengers inside China, but everywhere else in the world, the Galaxy Z Fold has a virtual monopoly on the large foldable category. This was supposed to change soon, as Google had been heavily rumored to have been working on a foldable Pixel, but alas, it’s not meant to be, as Google has reportedly canceled plans for a foldable for now.
But this doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have anything to compete against Samsung’s top dog, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Pixel 6 Pro may be “just” a conventional slab phone that doesn’t fold or change shapes, but it is still an excellent Android phone — arguably the best, according to our official review — that everyone on the market for a new phone should consider. If you’re looking to buy a new phone — which one should you consider?

Google Pixel 6 Pro

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Written By: Ben Sin

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