Google’s Title Tag Update and the Future of Meta Tags in SEO

Does Google know what your web page content is about better than you do?
Well, Google certainly thinks so. So in August of 2021, Google launched its title tag update, and Google is now rewriting title tags based on what it considers a web page’s content is actually about.
Not every site owner has been happy with the change. So far, some SEOs have observed Google replacing Page Titles with h1 tags. Others have seen negative impacts on clicks, like significant decreases in click-through rates and conversion rates for web pages where Google rewrote page titles.

So if some of these titles are producing worse results, does Google really know best? 
Site owners will answer that differently based on whether the Title Tag update has harmed or hurt their SEO performance.
But Google certainly knows a lot more than it used to. As their NLP technology improves, the claim that Google knows best will become even more prevalent in how our content is promoted to searchers.
Here’s everything you …

Written By: Manick Bhan

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