Google’s Year in Search 2021 shares a glimpse of what the world searched for this year

Although Google has axed YouTube Rewind, the company is going ahead with the rest of its end-of-year traditions. It has already shared Google Play’s Best of 2021 apps and games, YouTube Music Recap 2021, and some of its favorite Chrome extensions and Chrome OS apps for this year. Now, the company has finally shared the Google Search trends for 2021, highlighting what the world searched for this year.
Google’s Year in Search 2021 showcases all the popular search trends of the year and includes a short film about the most significant trends of the lot. You can discover all the big search trends this year by heading over to this page. It categorizes all the major search trends of 2021 in chronological order, and it also includes a couple of filters to let you narrow down trends based on topics like Culture, Economy, Entertainment, Environment, etc.

All of the search trends listed on Google’s Year in Search 2021 page include a short description, along with shortcuts to share the trend …

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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