How AI is Transforming Employee Training

Artificial Intelligence is known as a constructive disruptive technology; it has disrupted the Tech-World for good. Today, AI has revolutionized almost all sectors and industry domains due to its practical implementations. As a result, people and organizations utilize Artificial Intelligence-powered tools and solutions to make their processes efficient and productive. That is why more organizations are aligning themselves towards AI usage.
Artificial Intelligence has brought a paradigm shift in employee hiring, onboarding, organization induction, and training. Organizations are reposing their faith in AI while developing programs for personal development and skills training programs. We are pretty much sure that AI will certainly help us lay down the foundation to pass on our expertise and experiences to the next generation.
As per research conducted by Oracle, approximately 27% of Human Resources leaders considered AI as a big helping hand for employee training. They think that Art…

Written By: Satyam Chaturvedi

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