How to install RAM modules on the motherboard: A beginners guide

Installing RAM is a crucial part of the PC building process. Memory modules are one of the core components without which your PC won’t work. We’ve complied collections of the best DDR4 and the best DDR5 memory modules you can buy on the market right now. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to install RAM on the motherboard. This is a beginners guide, so we’ll try to take you through all the important steps along with some crucial points. Let’s get started:
The first thing you need to figure is where to install RAM on the motherboard. The RAM modules are installed on memory slots. These slots are usually located to the right-side of the CPU socket. Some motherboards have memory slots on both sides of the CPU socket, but those are mostly in case of advanced boards. As a beginner, you’ll likely be looking at a mainstream motherboard, so it should be on the right side. You’ll be looking at four slots stacked together. These slots are fairly easy to locate.

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