How to play Minecraft Java Edition on your smartphone using Pojav Launcher

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on Android, though it’s not as fully featured as the Java edition of the game that you’ll find on desktop. You’re incredibly limited on the servers you can play on, and of course, Java players have an easier time modding their game, too. However, it’s actually possible to play Java Minecraft on your smartphone, and it’s surprisingly easy to set up. You can play on Android, jailbroken iOS devices, and Chromebooks.
I had great success playing the game on my Google Pixel 6 Pro, though you’ll have better results on any of the best phones with an Adreno-based GPU such as the OnePlus 9 Pro. Be warned: you’ll need to employ a workaround to play Minecraft 1.17.1 as well, and the latest Cliffs & Caves Part 2 update (version 1.18.1) also requires a number of complex steps. You can check out the official Pojav Launcher website to find out more information, including how to install Optifine or Forge.
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Written By: Adam Conway

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