How to Setup A Home Studio for Video Conference and More in 2021

Why Do We Need A Home Studio in 2021?
Yes, we put countless hours learning at school how to write with a pencil. We barely use that skill anymore. We type more and more and audio-visual content becomes the norm for youngers and corporations. After the pandemic, virtual meetings are there to stay and become gradually the standard. They offer convenience and new business opportunities. Although in real life business meetings we put much efforts in visual settings (we dress up, we select the right location), in virtual meeting we haven’t explore much the possibilities yet. Here technology can help amplify and better convey your messages. When it comes to virtual, do we put as much efforts? Can we improve other users’ experience?
The video game and movie professionals know that 50% of the experience is visual and 50% is audio. Many blog posts cover the visual aspects (cameras, lenses and lighting). In this post, I’ll be focussing on the audio part. The key information here is that compu…

Written By: Bastien Beauchamp

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