Is Facial Recognition on Your Phone a Good Choice?

Facial recognition is on the rise with cell phones, adding another method of security for everyday devices. Using biometric analysis, the technology uses facial mapping to unlock the device, comparing it to known faces within the database (that you establish upon setup). The market is expected to exceed $7.7 billion by 2022, with many personal and commercial applications. While facial recognition can help confirm an individual’s identity, it does raise privacy concerns too.
How Facial Recognition Works
Although individual technologies will vary, the basic concepts are the same. Initially, a baseline image is taken of the user’s face. The software will identify the basic geometry of the face, including the distance between your eyes, spacing between forehead to chin, and any distinguishing facial landmarks. Your face is saved within the system as a mathematical formula. When you enable facial recognition, the phone analyzes your facial features against the formula on file. If it matc…

Written By: David Balaban

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