Is Open Source Software the Inevitable Future?

Open-source software has already proven its potential for improving accessibility, connecting developers together, and reducing costs. Proponents of open source have a long list of benefits they can use to persuade you, and even the naysayers are willing to acknowledge the advantages.
But is open source destined to be our future? Can we even envision an era in which open source software is the typical standard?
A Briefer on Open-Source Software and its Inevitable Future

Let’s start with a briefer on open-source software. Open source is, for the most part, true to its namesake. An engineer or a team of engineers develops an open-source tool or resource that intend to make it free and publicly accessible.
Individuals or companies can use the software for any purpose. Additionally, a team of contributors can voluntarily optimize the software to make it better, make their own versions of the software, or create new apps with that software as the basis.
Anything can be open source, from…

Written By: Timothy Carter

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