Key Elements To Create A Successful FinTech Ecosystem

Financial Technology or FinTech refers to the application of technology in the financial service industry. However, FinTech is not new and has been under the spotlight in the past years. Advances in technology and new business models have challenged traditional processes, products and services by enabling faster, cost-effective and engaging solutions. 
Besides, the Fintech ecosystem has spurred technological innovation to obtain efficiency among financial marketers and systems while enhancing the overall consumer experience. But do you know what is a fintech hub and what are the key elements that help to create a successful FinTech ecosystem?
But before moving ahead, let me apprise you that you can check my previous writeups that include FinTech Trends and Role of Smart Contracts in Banking for a better understanding of Financial Technology. 
Let’s get started with the basics!
What is FinTech?
FinTech is the integration of technology into financial service industry offerings to impr…

Written By: Mahipal Nehra

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