L-Launcher is a free launcher app for non-Wear OS Android smartwatches

Android started off as an advanced operating system for digital cameras. But over the course of almost two decades, it has evolved into something much more versatile. You can now find Android running on a variety of devices with different screen sizes, ranging from smartphones to household appliances. And for pretty much all devices that run Android, you’ll find an optimized launcher app. However, that’s not the case when it comes to smartwatches. Most parts of Wear OS aren’t open source, so non-Wear OS smartwatches that run Android often don’t have decent launchers. Thankfully, developer LineR aims to address that with L-Launcher.
L-Launcher is a free launcher app for non-Wear OS smartwatches that run Android. It’s been in development for well over two years, and its latest release (pre-alpha v0.0.3) offers a Wear OS 3-style tray-based navigation system. As you can see in the attached video, the launcher app offers a familiar interface with configurable tiles that you can add to th…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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