Leveraging AI to Significantly Increase Software Developer Productivity

To become adequately productive and proficient, developers new to software applications often require months — even years — of on-the-job training to avoid making dangerous mistakes that put systems at risk. Discerning the true intent of functionality in code is no easy feat, and developers today spend roughly 75% of their time searching through source code to identify the code representing the functionality that needs to be changed or modernized.
While code search tools, linters, and static and dynamic analysis tools can all help developers significantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness, entirely too many of these tools are insufficient when it comes to actually identifying the specific lines of code that require attention — especially with how entangled throughout a system that code often is.
Current approaches employed by today’s AI are helping ameliorate this challenge, but they fall short in many significant ways. Fortunately, employing a novel approach to AI vastly i…

Written By: Steve Brothers

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/12/13/leveraging-ai-to-significantly-increase-software-developer-productivity/

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