MacBook Pro 2021 users are reportedly having issues with the SD card reader

After 5 years of hiatus, the SD card slot finally made a return on the MacBook Pro 2021 alongside the MagSafe connector and HDMI 2.0 port. The SD card slot is a boon for professional photographers and videographers as it allows them to quickly transfer photos and videos on the go without needing an adapter. However, it appears some MacBook Pro 2021 users are having issues with the card reader.
According to various user reports on MacRumors forums, the SD card slot on both the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 models is not performing as expected. In some cases, the MacBook Pro doesn’t seem to recognize the SD card at all while in other cases, users are noticing slower read and write speeds, random crashing, and other oddities.
As one user notes:
“It’s very frustrating. I was hoping that import from SD card including a preview of images would be quick on my new 14″ MBP. I have a fairly new 64GB SD card which had been working fine. But Photos on the MBP using the internal SD card s…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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