Microsoft Edge now says Chrome “is so 2008” if you try to download it

Microsoft has arguably gone too far already with forcing its new Edge browser on users by making it harder to switch your default browser on Windows 11, as well as blocking apps that redirect certain Windows links to your favorite browser. But it turns out things can always get worse, as Microsoft’s browser is now actively insulting Google Chrome if you try to download it using Edge. As reported by Neowin, when you open the download page for Chrome in Microsoft Edge Canary, you may now be greeted with a message saying “that browser is so 2008”. The message naturally urges you to keep using Edge, and there’s no obvious way to dismiss it, either.
In fact, there are two different messages you may see, with another one simply saying that Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome “with the added trust of Microsoft”. We weren’t able to get these messages to appear on our end, but you can see them below.

It’s only natural that Microsoft believes its browser is better than the competiti…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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