Microsoft launches Teams Essentials, a version of Teams for small businesses

Microsoft today announced the launch of Microsoft Teams Essentials, a new standalone offering based on Teams designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Like many of Microsoft’s products and efforts lately, this service came as a result of the changes that happened in the world in the past year and a half.
Microsoft Teams Essentials includes all the features small businesses need to communicate within the organization. This includes the ability to hold meetings that last up to 30 hours, and meetings can hold up to 300 people at once. This is lower than what standard Teams offers (up to 1,000 users), but it makes perfect sense for smaller businesses. It also includes features you’d already expect from Teams, including calendar integration for Outlook and Google Calendar, group chat templates to make it easy to start a new project, and so on.
Beyond meetings, Teams Essentials also expands on the free version of Teams in terms of chat. While free Teams chats can…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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