Samsung Galaxy S22: Everything we know so far about the flagship series, along with XDA’s Wishlist!

Samsung’s flagship ‘S’ series is one of the most popular premium phones across the globe. The smartphone giant packs all the latest advancements in technology into the ‘S’ series including the latest chip, the best cameras, the brightest display, etc. The Galaxy S21 Ultra from earlier this year tops our list of the best smartphones you can buy. This is because the overall package that it provides would please a very large number of average users. The younger siblings — the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus were also decent offerings at their respective price ranges. As we get closer to 2022, leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S22 series are surfacing online. As usual, these leaks give us an idea about what to expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagships. Here’s everything we know about the Galaxy S22 so far, along with our own wishlist for what we would like to see on the brand new flagship for 2022.
Samsung Galaxy S22: Price and Release Date

Samsung generally is one of the first …

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