Samsung Kids mode gets a big update with One UI 4.0

Samsung Kids is a dedicated mode on Galaxy smartphones that allows kids to use smartphones more safely and in a fun way. It was originally introduced back in 2014 as Kids Mode and was later renamed Samsung Kids. With One UI 4.0, Samsung is further expanding the features and capabilities of the service. The latest update brings new customization options, updated parental controls, AR apps, a new onboarding experience, and more.
Most notably, the new version now lets you change the background color and adds the ability to adjust which apps to be displayed on the main screen. Meanwhile, parents can now delete default apps and replace them with the apps they have downloaded and approved.

Now users can activate Samsung Kids with just a single tap in the Quick Panel – no download required. They can also instantly turn the feature on or off when unlocking their phone.

Parental controls have also been updated and provide detailed insights on kids’ smartphone usage for the day and for the …

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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