Series LLC: A Good Option for Your Multiple Businesses?

As your business grows chances are that you may need to make certain important decisions regarding the business. One of these decisions will likely revolve around the legal structure of the business. This may be as a result of taking on one or more new business partners, selling some of your stake in the business, venturing into a different industry or country, among others.
When it concerns going into a new business vertical or diversifying the business, one of the things you should consider doing is registering a new business entity for this new business or product. So while you likely may have formed an LLC or other business entity type like a corporation for your current business venture, there are several reasons why you might want to keep any new business unit separate from the existing one, and one common reason for this is to segregate the assets and liabilities of each entity.
If this is a viable option for you and your specific circumstance, then a Series LLC just might b…

Written By: Kanayo Okwuraiwe

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