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iFace cases are instantly recognizable due to the curved shape that they’ve implemented into all of their designs. They make a large selection of cases for both Apple and Android devices, offering some really nice colors to choose from. The hype surrounding these cases has resulted in them being one of the most popular case options in Japan. Add some protection to your phone, while enjoying one of the many different color options available.
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The First Class cases utilize a smooth Polycarbonate outer shell. This is the piece that is customizable with the color you choose. You’ll find a lanyard hole in the back that you can use to attach accessories, charms, or anything you’d like to add to your case. The curved shape of the case makes it easier to hold and lets you have a very good grip on your phone. This also sets this case apart from other designs on the market, breaking away from the standard rectangle design you are probably used to.
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