Stadia for Android prepares multiple new features including a search feature and stream spectating

Google Stadia for Android is preparing to add multiple new features, including a revamped search bar, stream spectating, a toggle to turn off suggested replies, and more.
Google’s Stadia has every reason to be doing well, but its biggest problems may be out of its control
Stadia version 3.44 recently rolled out on the Google Play Store and spills the beans (via 9to5Google) on multiple new features that Google is currently working on. The first is an advanced search feature. Currently, the Stadia app offers an experimental “Filter Search” feature that adds a text filter bar to let you quickly search through lists. However, it’s quite limited in terms of functionality. It looks like the app will finally get a proper search function similar to the web version of Stadia. Based on the evidence uncovered by 9to5Google within the Stadia APK, it appears the advanced search bar will let users search the Stadia store, games, add-ons, bundles, and also provide autocomplete suggestions when you…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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