T-Mobile increases their base pay to $20 per hour for all employees

Wages are a hot-button issue in today’s world, and it looks like T-Mobile is addressing it head-on as they have announced today that minimum pay for all employees has been increased to $20 per hour.
The pay for employees varies among positions and locations at T-Mobile. Regardless of role, however, the minimum take-home rate will be $20/hr for all of them.
T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert had this to say in the news post:
Today I’m announcing a small but important step we are taking to make sure that our strong rewards-based employee culture truly extends to everyone who works here. Every single employee at T-Mobile, even our newest team members just starting to build their skill base, should have a competitive wage. So, we have decided to implement a nationwide minimum pay at T-Mobile of at least $20 per hour. This will now apply to every single employee regardless of role, or full-time or part-time status. The truth is, the vast majority of our employees already earn well above this leve…

Written By: Victor Wright

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/t-mobile-increases-their-base-pay-to-20-per-hour-for-all-employees/

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