Telegram tests new feature to help you avoid spoilers

Telegram is a popular instant messaging (IM) app and one of WhatsApp‘s biggest rivals. The company actively develops new features that are usually original and innovative. This always makes Telegram enthusiasts wonder why WhatsApp is still a more popular service, despite not receiving as many new features. The latest addition to the feature-rich IM could be spoiler alerts. The company is developing a new text formatting option to mark a certain message as a spoiler.

Reddit user u/Tanto_Faz_123 has discovered that Telegram is working on a new feature to hide spoilers (via Android Police). This change is still under development and not available to the public yet. Once released, users will be able to select text and mark it as a spoiler before sending it. This will pixelate the message until a recipient clicks on it to reveal its content. The video recording demonstrates the feature on the iOS version of the app. However, it’s safe to assume that Android users will also be able to ta…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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