The Future of Digital Communication: Why 5G Needs the Edge

Much of today’s mainstream conversations around connectivity focus on 5G. Whether for homes, cities, vehicles, retail or health and wellness, the fifth generation of connectivity promises to unleash unlimited potential for the tens of billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices currently in use, as well as those waiting to emerge. But there’s another conversation centered around the “edge,” which has been taking place at least since the 1990s when Akamai launched its content delivery network (CDN). It’s worth sharing the Akamai story because it provides historical context for why the edge was conceived.
The History of Akamai
While teaching at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in early 1995, the World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee anticipated the congestion that would eventually follow as more people had access to computers and the Internet.He challenged his MIT colleagues to invent an advanced method for delivering content like images and video. A team began developin…

Written By: Bill Dykas

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