The Future of Web Design: What Can We Predict?

Whether you’re a graphic designer or just an average web user, the world of web design is a fascinating one. But even acknowledged industry experts will be quick to wish you good luck predicting the future of web design.
Looking at websites from the late 1999s or early 2000s is like a blast from the past. The clunky interfaces, ugly fonts, and horrendous color schemes look objectively awful through our spoiled eyes. However, keep in mind that they were genuinely best-in-class designs for their era.
In 20 years, will we feel the same about the seemingly beautiful websites we enjoy today?
Somehow, I doubt that. But I do know that web design is set to evolve further and in some exciting and significant ways. So what exactly can we predict about the future of web design? And what makes predicting future web design changes so hard in the first place?
Why Making Predictions on the Future of Web Design is so Difficult
Let’s explore why web design predictions are so hard to make.
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Written By: Deanna Ritchie

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