These are the best cheap laptops you can buy in 2021

The best laptops out there pack mouth-watering specs and premium features in some stunning designs that are still light and portable. For tech enthusiasts like us here at XDA, they’re what makes the tech industry so fun and interesting. But all of those high-end pieces of hardware are not something everyone can afford, and if you’re on a smaller budget, it can be easy to look at those laptops with envy. Don’t fret, though — there are some great laptops out there with much more affordable prices, and in this article we’ve rounded up the best cheap laptops you can buy so you still get a good experience without breaking the bank.
First off, let’s set some ground rules. We’re setting our budget at $700, though if you want to go lower, we also have an article focused on the best laptops under $600. We’re also relying on sales for many of these, and that’s because in this price range it can truly be worth it to look out for a sale. Many high-end laptops that might normally cost almost $1,…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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