These are the Best Google Fi Phones in 2022

If you’re planning to buy a new smartphone, finding a device that fits your budget is not difficult. But choosing amongst some of the best phones can be a little difficult if you’re hoping to use it with a flexible carrier plan. Google Fi is a virtual network operator that offers such flexibility, with support for unlocked phones ranging from budget up to the top flagship smartphones.
While Google Fi is said to work on every iOS and Android device regardless of whether they are cheap or expensive, certain features that the MVNO offers are limited to those certified for use with the network. Hence, this article consists of a list that we think are the best options to consider for Google Fi since they can make the best use of the plans and features offered.
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Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Also Great: Samsung Galaxy S21
Best Camera: Google Pixel 6 Pro

Also Great: Google Pixel 6
Best Midrange: Google Pixel 5a (5G)
Best Battery Life: Moto G Power (2021)

Written By: Gaurav Shukla

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