These are the best NVIDIA graphics cards you can buy in 2021

It may be impossible to source a GPU right now, but it’s not something to be ignored. You can’t possibly build a good gaming PC without adding a graphics card to it. Even the best CPUs require a GPU to allow you to do what you do best — be it gaming, content creation, or any 3D workloads. Sure, there are processors with integrated graphics cards but they’re not going to yield you the best graphics performance. You can check out our existing collection of the best graphics card to find out all your available options on the market across different budgets. In this article, we’ll specifically be looking at the best Nvidia graphics cards you can buy right now.
Nvidia’s been at the top of its game in the GPU space. The company has set the bar high with its Ampere generation. AMD also has a lot of good GPUs on the market, but it’s still relatively tough to turn a blind eye towards the Nvidia GPUs. You can also check out our collection of the best AMD graphics if you want to go with team r…

Written By: Karthik Iyer

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