This app lets you take back control over how Android 12 opens links

Among all the fantastic features and changes that Android 12 brings along, it also introduces some rather controversial changes. We have already talked about how Android 12’s new background app limitations can run havoc on apps like Termux. Another annoying change in Android 12 is the way it handles external links. If you’ve recently upgraded to Android 12, you probably would have noticed that when opening links, you no longer get that familiar “Open with” dialogue. Links will either automatically open in their corresponding apps or take you straight to Google Chrome or your default browser. If you’re not a fan of this change and want to restore the way things were in older Android versions, read on.
Starting with Android 12, Google now only allows “verified links” to be opened in external apps. Verified links allow app developers to ensure that only their app can handle links from their domain. If a link is non-verified, Android 12 will open it in the default browser, instead of sh…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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