This new app can decorate the MacBook Pro’s screen notch

The Apple MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 (2021) were released earlier this year, and they’re some of the most impressive laptops you can buy right now. However, there is one design aspect that has received some criticism — the iPhone-like notch at the top of the display. Thankfully, there’s now a tool to help you make the notch a bit more fun.
Iconfactory is a long-time developer of Mac and iOS software, and the company released a new app on Friday called ‘Notchmeister’ (via MacRumors). The application allows you to pick from several decorations that appear below or around the MacBook Pro’s notch, including a glowing effect, a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, holiday lights, and a radar.

Iconfactory wrote in a new blog post, “This holiday season we have a special gift for Mac users everywhere, especially ones with a new MacBook Pro and notch. We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of Notchmeister. So what does Notchmeister do? Think of it as a fun way to spruce up …

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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