WhatsApp focuses on privacy in latest update, introduces new Disappearing Messages additions

Instant messaging (IM) services have changed the way we communicate and socialize with people. In real life, people don’t record every word they say to others in a conversation. However, the digital world leaves behind us a trail that is sometimes challenging to clear. When something is posted online, it’ll likely always exist on some server or hard drive somewhere. Even if a user “permanently deletes” it, there’s a high possibility that a private copy of it is still stored — online or offline. To help reduce the digital trace we leave behind, WhatsApp introduced Disappearing Messages and view-once media months ago. The company is now taking it further by adding an option to make messages disappear by default. That’s in addition to new, multiple timer durations for the feature.
WhatsApp announced in a blog post that it’s bringing new additions to its Disappearing Messages feature. This tool doesn’t stop people from taking screenshots of conversations or storing them elsewhere — outs…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/whatsapp-introduces-disappearing-messages-additions/

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