Windows 11’s EdgeDeflector block is now in public builds, pushing users towards Edge

We’ve covered Microsoft’s antics regarding its in-house Edge browser a few times in the past, from making it harder to change your default browser in Windows 11 to some very blatant marketing messages when downloading rival browsers. One of the things we’ve seen the company do recently was blocking EdgeDeflector, a software that was designed to redirect custom Windows 11 links —  which are designed to only open in Edge — to your default browser instead. Now, that block has rolled out to all Windows 11 users as part of build 22000.376.
Initially, this EdgeDeflector block showed in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program, so it was apparent that Microsoft was already planning to do this, but it was hard to tell when it would happen. As reported by HowToGeek, the latest Patch Tuesday update rolled out earlier this week brought that block to the wider Windows 11 userbase, meaning even more users are now forced to use Edge.
This only applies to custom links that are found in Windo…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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