XDA Basics: How to use the new 2FA code generator on iOS 15

For years, iPhone users had to depend on third-party apps to generate 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes. These codes act as an extra security layer for online accounts. When you enable 2FA, websites and apps will ask you to type an expiring, one-time code. The prompt typically appears after entering your email/username and password correctly. These codes are time-based and usually refresh every 30 seconds. Thanks to the latest iOS update, you can now generate them without using any third-party apps. Here’s how to use the new 2FA code generator on iOS 15.
How to use the new 2FA code generator on iOS 15
Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Scroll down until you see Passwords. Click on it.

Your iPhone will ask you to Face/Touch ID or enter your device’s password.

Once you authenticate, you will see a list of the passwords you have saved in Apple Keychain.
If the service you want to secure is on the list, click on it to view it.

However, if it isn’t on the list, click the plus …

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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