You can now scan documents and shoot videos via the camera on your Chromebook

Google has been pushing out constant updates to improve the user experience on Chromebooks. Recently, there were reports of upcoming Chromebooks getting an anti-snooping feature and an update for existing Chromebooks that would let you run your phone’s apps briefly. Now, Google is letting Chromebook users take full advantage of the camera on board to perform various tasks like scanning documents, QR codes, and more. If you have a Chromebook, these improvements will basically make your work easier if you’re a student or you attend a lot of classes or meetings online.
Scan Documents and QR Codes
The first new feature coming to the Chromebook’s camera is the ability to scan documents. While this is quite straightforward and could be done earlier by just snapping a picture via the camera, you will now be able to optimize the scan via the in-built camera app to make the document look more legible. Users can capture a document and convert it into a scanned copy either in JPG or PDF format…

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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