YouTube now rolling video chapters to more devices

Videos aren’t quite as easy to skim through as text content, but separating a video into chapters can help. YouTube finally added official support for video chapters last year, built on the platform’s existing timestamp functionality, but the feature still isn’t available for everyone. Now video chapters are arriving on more platforms, according to an announcement from YouTube.
YouTube said in a tweet on Tuesday (via Android Police), “we’re rolling out video chapters on newer Smart TVs and gaming consoles to make it easier for you to jump to moments you’re most interested in!” Before now, chapters only appeared in the mobile apps and desktop website. YouTube didn’t specify which smart TV and console platforms are receiving chapter support, but most YouTube TV apps share the same codebase, so it could be live everywhere after a short rollout.
YouTube first added support for video chapters last year, which use timestamp information from a video’s description to display a chapter selec…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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