YouTube TV offers $15 one-time discount after it regains Disney access

After a brief disappearance, Disney channels are returning to YouTube TV, Google’s internet TV streaming service. This comes after YouTube TV announced late last week that it had failed to strike a new deal with Disney and as a result users would lose access to ESPN, FX, and other Disney content come December 17. But thankfully the disruption has turned out to be short as YouTube TV and Disney have finally inked a deal.
In an announcement on Sunday, YouTube TV revealed that it has struck a new distribution deal with Disney and would start restoring Disney networks like ESPN and FX including their live and on-demand content. In addition, YouTube TV says it will also be turning on local ABC stations “over the course of the day.”
We’re happy to announce that we’ve reached a deal with Disney and have already started to restore access to channels like ESPN and FX, and Disney recordings that were previously in your Library. Your local ABC station will also be turning on throughout the day…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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