These are the best creator laptops in 2022

Content creation, whether that’s photo or video editing, 3D rendering, or streaming, requires a powerful PC. You see a lot of content creators on the internet nowadays, but making that work happen is challenging, and doing it efficiently means you need the hardware to get things done quickly. If you’re trying to grow in this … Read more

Android Studio 2021.1 “Bumblebee” has a new Device Manager and improved Apple Silicon support

Android Studio is the main integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Android applications, with a feature-packed code editor, debugging tools, emulators, and much more. The last major release was in March of last year, nicknamed Android Studio Arctic Fox. After a few months in testing, there’s now another upgrade available: Android Studio Bumblebee. Google clearly … Read more

Meta-backed ‘Diem’ cryptocurrency project reportedly falling apart

Meta, previously known as Facebook, announced plans for its own cryptocurrency in 2019. The plan was to create a “stablecoin” — a cryptcurrency backed by the value of traditional currencies like the US Dollar — which could be easily sent through applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. However, those plans are reportedly falling apart. Bloomberg … Read more

Synaptics’ Gemini reference design is a wireless docking solution for your laptop

Today, Synaptics announced Gemini, a reference design for a wireless docking solution that could dramatically change how we use our laptops for work. Nowadays, setting up at an office desk means you need something like a Thunderbolt dock, where all your monitors and peripherals are connected, and then you plug the dock into your laptop. … Read more